HS- Atomic DB

HS-DB provides a natural and convenient way to encode contexts among seemingly disparate data sources and models while providing a common framework to house and represent all forms of physical events. A key novelty of the tool is that we longer need to search for identifying any form of associations among the data items; all such associations are inherently stored and can be obtained extremely efficiently by mere look-up operations. This novelty enables real-time extraction of semantic information to build a knowledge representation framework on top of the tool.

Associative memory technology that mimics the brain in

  • Storing information
  • Processing information
  • Retrieving information

 Database Features

Space, Data and Performance Management at Your Fingertips

HS-DB provides comprehensive facilities to help you manage space, data and performance to help keep your database optimized and running.

Manage Security Easily, Efficiently
Establish and maintain database security whether you are managing an existing production database or setting up a new environment. You’ll find consistent support across all of the supported platforms as HS-DB lets you view, grant, and revoke permissions or privileges. When you open a security-related object, such as user or role, the Permissions tab lets you assign permissions on an object-by-object basis.

Seamless Schema and Data Migrations:
Advanced data management tools help to move schema and corresponding table data across the same or different platforms. The Migration Wizard guides administrators through a multi-step process that lets you select source and target data sources, select object types and specific objects to be migrated, specify a flexible set of migration options, and view progress of the operation.

The Analyst Series Give DBAs Greater Insight

For advanced space, capacity, and performance analysis and management, HS-DB optional Space, Capacity, and Performance Analyst components contain sophisticated diagnostics to help you pinpoint problems in your database. The series facilitates troubleshooting bottlenecks and performance inefficiencies that result in poor space management, tracking key database metadata and performance metrics over time, and provides intelligent diagnostic information with strong drilldown details.

HS-DB Features:

  • Minimal structure and tables
  • No security issues since it is intrinsically safe
  • Unmatched simplicity
  • Unlimited flexibility with adaptability to future needs and changes
  • Ability to retrieve information easily from existing databases without complicated and costly implementation
  • All the information you need at your fingertips – right away!
  • Low cost structure, yet quality and pace